Curious About What A Container Build Would Look Like For Your Community Housing Development?

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Plan Your Build

Talk to a specialist about the project you want to build. We got you covered when it comes to your zoning and permitting.

Zoning and Permitting

With our internal team of experts licensed in 50 states, we can ensure your build and install is completed and up to code.

Our builds are customizable to your style and we optimize the storage inside the container for multifunctional use.


Design and Build

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SICBS is committed to building sustainable, economical, profitable container structures that solve your business needs. Our commitment to sustainability, reducing carbon footprints, giving back to communities and building quality structures is always first and foremost. Whether it be container homes, rentals, suites or cabins: There's an economical build for everyone. 

Delivery and Install

With a 8-12 weeks start to finish, our container builds are efficient and fit the back of a semi which allows for optimal build to install times.

Get Started Today!Get Started Today!Get Started Today!Get Started Today!

Designing for Your Development

Custom options of interior and exterior paint color, cabinet options, solar elements, bathroom finishes, etc. that we will provide you during our consultation!

Cost Per Container

Our 40ft single container builds will cost between $55-$75K. Special pricing available for mass orders. Our 640 sq. ft. double wide container builds will cost between $83k-$130K.

Multiple Container Sizes & Configuration

Based on your needs, we'll work with you to choose the best size containers and configurations for your development.

Wendy: Registered Massage Therapist

The 20ft container was perfect. As a Registered Massage Therapist I need enough room for mobility around my table, a desk to write up my treatment notes, and a sink to wash my hands in. It was all there including a bathroom for my client's should they need it.

Sam: Manager at a Global eCommerce Company

The 10ft unit is ideal as a home office, as it allows you the quiet time needed for focused work and video conference calls without taking over other spaces in your home. I loved how open the space felt despite being a compact- an efficient size to fit in most backyards.



Call Now: 1-866-629-8251

Start Your Build Today
Start Your Build Today!

What to Expect With Your Container Build

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